Teeth need space to move

The SureCure smile solutions can correct all types of cases, even when your teeth are very crowded. Your doctor will help determine if this applies to you, and can treat this problem by creating more space between your teeth so that the SureCure clear orthodontic aligners system can work properly. So don't worry! The SureCure system is still for you.

Teeth need pressure to move

With a small amount of consistent pressure, through a series of trays in succession, teeth will move. But, some types of teeth, some movements, and some other factors may need more attention.

These can include maxillary laterals and short clinic crowns, premolars, as well as your age (the age limit has to do with when permanent teeth errupt, around age 13). However, your doctor will let you know if this applies to you, and can address these factors.

Your Treatment Process