Invisible, Effective, Hygienic, Removable.

Just a few reasons living with SureCure clear aligners is easy. We make the SureCure smile solution easy to fit into your life...


Taking part in all the sports you love, while wearing your aligners.


You don't have to change what you eat. Just remove your aligners while eating, rinse and re-insert them. (Avoid nicotine and gum with the aligners on, to prevent damage and discoloration).

Work and play

SureCure aligners are totally discrete. Whether you're at work or school, your aligners will go about doing their business on your precious whites. Out with friends? Your aligners are sure to go unnoticed.


Floss, clean, brush and gargle with any mouthwash. Simply remove your aligners and re-insert them when you are done.

Why SureCure?

SureCure clear orthodontic aligners are easy to wear and just as easy to care for...

- Wear your aligners all day (20 to 22 hours per day), removing them to eat and brush
- Change to a new set of aligners every 7-14 days as per your doctors recommendation.
- When it's time to move onto the next aligner (for example aligners #2), always keep your previous aligners (aligner #1). That way if your current aligner gets lost or broken, you'll go back to the previous aligner while we make the replacement
- Clean your aligners with a soft-bristle brush, toothpaste and water. (Warm water only, hot water might cause the aligner to distort)